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Pioneers. Innovators. Professionals. TechINT Solutions Group (TechINT) is recognized for its knowledge and experience in providing innovative technology exploitation, operational intelligence, counter unmanned aerial systems and cybersecurity. TechINT Solutions Group has developed a unique analytical methodology to understand current and emerging technology that can be co-opted for nefarious purposes. Our innovative analytical methodology helps identify key variables indicative of illicit use or planned illicit use technologies.

Technology Exploitation
Information Technology
Inteligence Analysis
Unmanned Aerial Systems
Cyber Security
Explosive Ordanance Disposal


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TechINT Solutions Group was founded on the principle of service and strives to support our customers through commitment to task.  Created and led by some of the most recognized and respected veteran Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians, Technical Intelligence (TECHINT) and all-source analysts, and experienced former Government leaders.  Our corporate vision and ethos is inspired by personal sacrifices on the battlefield and leadership in the boardroom. 


TechINT believes that innovation should be purposeful and smartly managed. Our mission is to provide solutions that matter.  Advancements in counter unmanned systems, big data analytics, TECHINT, battlefield forensics, training, and threat reduction should be fused with the practical lessons of yesterday, the immediate needs of today, and forecasted for total success for tomorrow.  In order to support our Nation’s best, we aim to be the best.   

We also believe that amazing achievements are only made through amazing partnerships.  Reach out to TechINT today to be a part of the exciting revolution in government and commercial services. 

Our Clients


All Federal agencies may obtain our services thru the GSA Professional Services Schedule (GSA PSS). Our Small Business Administration (SBA) certified HUBZone and SDVOSB status enables our client’s to rapidly execute direct awards of up to $4M in value.

Our Contracts
Our Team

Craig (Skip) Funicello,


Craig (Skip) Funicello founded TechINT Solutions Group in 2011 to provide WTI and Technical Intelligence solutions to DoD.  Skip provides operational leadership across the company and provides strategic vision to ensure that TechINT delivers consistent, outstanding services to customers. This vision expanded TechINT to provide SIGINT, Cyber, OSINT, and Data solution capabilities to the IC.   As the CEO he continues to oversee the company’s business development and operations.  Skip has more than 30 years of experience in DoD and the intelligence community, he deployed to numerous countries as an analyst and EOD Technician.


Greg Hodge, 
Director IT and Operations

Greg Hodge oversees TechINT’s Information Technology (IT) business development efforts, building on TechINT’s long-term growth strategy, and assists in managing operational issues at the company. Greg has worked in the defense industry for over 12 years and served more than 21 years in the US Army as an EOD technician. Greg has served overseas on multiple combat deployments in uniform and as a contractor for DoD and DoS. Greg holds an MS and BS in information technology management. He has military experience in information technology as an ISSO & ISSM. As a DoD contractor, he has experience in change management, IT asset management, and active directory system administrator in the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN). 


Tom Faust retired from Federal Service in October 2013 with over 40 years of combined service.  He was in the US Army Reserve from September 1972 to June 1976, and on Army Active Duty from June 1976 to September 2002 where he retired as a Colonel after commanding 525th Military Intelligence Brigade (Airborne) and serving as Director, Plans and Ops, Army G2.  He was in Civil Service from June 2003 to October 2013.  He was selected for the Title V Senior Executive Service in August 2005 by the Department of Homeland Security where he held positions as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Mission Integration, Office of Intelligence and Analysis and Chief of Staff, Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection.  He transitioned to the Title X Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service in January 2007 to serve as the Director, Defense Counterintelligence Field Activity, a Combat Support Agency of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.  In January 2008, Mr. Faust was named principal deputy to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (G2), Headquarters, Department of the Army.  In this capacity he was responsible for overseeing Army intelligence planning, programming and budgeting; intelligence operations; intelligence studies, architectures, and Army civilian intelligence personnel programs.  He retired from this position in October 2013.  He earned Presidential Rank Award Honors in 2009 and the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal in 2013.  He is a 2015 inductee into the Army Military Intelligence Corps Hall of Fame.  He formed the TFaust Company, LLC in January 2014. 

Tom Faust,

Strategic Intelligence and Special Operations Adviser


Our Services


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Intelligence. Information. Impact.

TechINT is a multi-faceted intelligence service provider that offers unparalleled expertise across a variety of intelligence disciplines. The unique and asymmetric threat environments of today and tomorrow demand progressive intelligence tools. TechINT's novel approach of merging proven TECHINT methodologies, our software analytical tool suites, and broader intelligence analytical processes makes our services, products, and employees the industry standard in a modern operational world.  

Information Technology

TechINT has expertise in:

     - Enterprise IT Support

     - Cyber Defense IT Support

     - Help Desk 

     - Cleared IT Staff up to TS/SCI

Unmanned Aerial System Threat Analysis and Support

TechINT is community vetted experts in:

     - Commercial unmanned systems threat analysis

     - Functional UAS threat replication

     - Exercise scenario development

     - Red team

     - Deployed operational use of low cost/no cost solutions

Through the application of advanced Technical Intelligence methodologies, TechINT has provided domestic and overseas customers with threat understanding, vulnerability analysis, and tools for preventing Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) use against personnel and infrastructure. No amount of technology can ever be successful if first the threat isn't analyzed.  TechINT provides government and commercial partners with the very best UAS threat awareness, analysis, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) exploitation, and support.

Counter Terrorism Training and Consulting Services

Besides being doers, TechINT provides world class trainers and consultants. Our Counter Terrorism training and consulting services leverage real-world operational experience to enhance mission planning, organization training, and personnel readiness. 

TechINT has developed and taught courses for multiple customers. Our capabilities include:

- Curriculum development

- Instructor-led classroom and virtual training

- Deployed training in austere environments

Identity Enabled Intelligence Services

TechINT has the very best practitioners and developers of identity intelligence collection, exploitation, and analysis in hostile environments.  Often, traditional intelligence collection systems are over tasked or simply not available to tactical and operational users.  However, forensic intelligence can illuminate adversary planning, capabilities, logistic pipelines, and intent in real time.  TechINT has literally written the doctrine on many elements of battlefield collection, forensic analysis, and assessments which are proven to enhance a warfighter's awareness and targeting capabilities in operational theaters.

Technical Intelligence

Technical Exploitation and Intelligence Analysis

  • Current and emerging disruptive RF technologies

  • Global Threat Integration Program (GTIP)

  • Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS)

  • Improvised Weapons Systems Technology and Tactics

  • Electronic Device Profiling & Replication

  • Global Threat Identification of IEDs

  • State Sponsored RF Threat Weapons Systems

  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP)

Open Source Intelligence

TechINT research analysts conduct sophisticated research to access data by utilizing non-attributable search tools, open and deep-web search engines and proven OSINT resources to collect publicly available information from multiple and diverse sources - These sources provide varying degrees of knowledge, expertise, experience, access, and situational awareness and include:

- organizations

- private industry

- manufacturers

- distributors

- hobbyist forums

- commercial users

- industry websites 

- foreign press

- public surveys

Global Non-Attributable Research Lab (GNARL)

TechINT's GNARL is an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) non-attributable lab that provides leverages open source information and the access it provides. The lab operates as an independent, commercial services by using a suite of non-attributable tools for enhanced collection and analysis. TechINT's core competency is in developing a specialized expertise on a broad range of current and emerging technologies being adapted for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) UAS or "drones that can potential serve as threat multipliers on the battlefield. GNARL analysts use the very best Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI) techniques in this process.

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Company culture is created over time and with TechINT the opportunity exists for the new employee to influence and guide this atmosphere as they enter TechINT ‘s workforce.  The Principals have instilled an environment of acute integrity and personal responsibility in dealings with current and potential clientele and has established trust and reliability among those international government contracting entities with whom they have partnered and provided high quality support.           

            TechINT Principals look at the employees as part of their extended family.  TechINT will foster loyalty from the employees, not by demanding it but with open and honest communications, a unequivocal reliance on ethics and integrity, and a genuine concern about the employees wellbeing.  The industrious and dedicated employee will open the myriad of potential advancement within this firm in minimal time as TechINT grows with the contracting intelligence, training, and exploitation industry.  Career development will take place with the  successful advancement of TechINT.


We offer above industry standard medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans along with a competitive 401k retirement plan to ensure we help support you, your family's well being, and your retirement strategy as you grow with TechINT.




The TechINT Solutions Group's Global Non-Attributable Research Lab (GNARL) is an unclassified Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) non-attributable lab that provides detailed products and technical solutions for numerous customers focusing on national security issues here within the states and abroad.


Networking Event

Must be a U.S. citizen. College Students only. Must be able to work 40 hours per month. Must have a minimum of 30 university credits. Must be located within the HUBZone area. 

Preferred Skills and Experience

Modern Workspace

Applicants should be self-motivated, responsible, and capable of working independently. Applicants should be detailed oriented. Familiarity with Microsoft Suite products. Any regional expertise, language skills, or prior research experience. A strong interest in research, documentation and ability to analyze the information gathered to provide a quality end product.

Employee Resources


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